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Upload a Java WebApp to Google App Engine

Comments Off October 9th, 2009 by Henri Bezemer

The Google App Engine supports the Sun Java Servlet Specification, together with a bunch of other standard and Google specific Java API’s (not including EJB). Google lets you run your Java webapp for free but with limited CPU time, bandwidth and number of requests per day. If one of these resources has been consumed your app will lock up for the rest of the day and respond only with HTTP code 403 ‘Forbidden’. If you need more you can pay for additional resources. The resource quota for a free account are more than adequate for a proof of concept. Read more…

Add a Tag Cloud to your Homepage with WordPress (v2.3+)

Comments Off September 17th, 2009 by Henri Bezemer

I like the concept of Tag Clouds. In my opinion they are the most compact means of telling visitors what can be found in the crevices of your website. The words (tags) in Tag Clouds are clickable, thus helping your visitors to navigate directly to the information that triggers them.  Tag Clouds also make your site look more professional simply because many of the cool social network sites are using them too. Finally,  Tag Clouds are a very elegant way of presenting keywords to search engines. Read more…