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Take control with WS-BPEL

1 Comment » December 11th, 2009 by Henri Bezemer

I suspect Web Service Business Process Execution Language is known to most people for the graphical designer tooling that vendors bundle with their web services suite products. My first thought when I saw this colorful click and drag tooling being demonstrated was: it looks nice, but why would someone want to code if-then-else constructs with a mouse? Is this yet another effort to bring programming to the non-programmers?

After a bit of reading up I started to recognize WS-BPEL’s true value. It is not the graphical designer tooling. In my opinion, there is simply too much XML technology that cannot be hidden from the user, to make the tooling actually usable to non-programmers. While the designer tooling is still useful, I think the true value lies in the capabilities of the WS-BPEL engine. In this post I will present a realistic working example of WS-BPEL in an ESB environment, I will explain in detail how correlation works and I will give you tons of other tips along the way. Read more…