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Consuming Web Services from EJB 3 using JAX-WS

1 Comment » November 30th, 2009 by Henri Bezemer

In this post I will show how to consume a Web Service from an EJB 3 stateless session bean, with very little coding involved by leveraging the JAX-WS specification and tooling. I will add this ability to the CRM EJB that I presented in an earlier post: I will also explain how to bundle WSDL and XML Schema files with an EAR deployment file using a catalog, how to customize the JAX-WS generated code and how to design a single Maven build process for deployment to multiple environments (development, staging and production). Read more…

Web services made easy with EJB, JPA and JAX-WS

Comments Off November 4th, 2009 by Henri Bezemer

In this post I will share some code and findings that came out of an experiment with EJB 3.0, JPA (included in EJB 3.0) and JAX-WS (Java API for XML-Based Web Services) 2.0. My goal was to create a useful layer of web services on top of a database with as little Java code as possible. I wasn’t sure if the three technologies could be mixed together in a thin layer without running into serious trouble, so I decided to create an example application and test it on three popular open source Java Application Servers: Geronimo (2.1.4), Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server (2.1) and JBoss (5.1.0 GA). I’m running these Application Servers on Sun JDK 6. Read more…